Lisa Bella Donna Andreas Scotty Boettcher Welcome Lisa Bella Donna and Scotty Boettcher want to welcome you to our new website and invite you to listen to our album, “No Silence”. After listening to each others' previous works online and having the opportunity to meet in Germany, we realized that there is a very tight connection between us and our directions in music. So we decided to record an album and found it to be a very pleasurable and rewarding experience. Both of us brought a great deal of fresh ideas and passion to this project. After four days of intensive and collaborative work in the studio, the album “No Silence” was born. The record features Lisa Bella Donna on Drums, Percussion,   and Modular Synthesizers and Scotty Boettcher on Keyboards, Synthesizers, and Electric Fretless Bass.   We feel this album captures the creativity and momentum we were striving for when we set out to do it. We hope you will enjoy this music we feel very connected to and are proud to present to you. We are currently and eagerly working on new material for new releases   in the present and in the near future. We hope the essence of this music inspires what you do.                                                                               Lisa Bella Donna & Scotty Boettcher Lisa Bella Donna  & Andreas Scotty Böttcher